A Place to Post Many Story

A Place to Post Many Story


“Choices” by Everivel

When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t remember anything. Who am I? Where is this place? What am I doing here? Do I know someone? I couldn’t answer any of those questions. All that I know is, I am a human, I used a gray t-shirt, black jeans, and I was alone right now. But, now that I think about it… I think this place is just an alley, so I walk toward the end of the alley.

At the end of the alley, there’s the main road, I hear a bustling sound, saw so many people, vehicle, and tall building. But I still can’t remember who am I or where is this place. I check what I had in me, and I found a wallet with $100 dollars in it, I guess it was mine. Except that, nothing else there. It was suck because if there was an ID card there, it will be easy to know who I am, maybe I’ll instantly get my memories.

Sighing, I put my wallet in my back pocket, and searching what else do I have. Then I touching a round-shaped thing in my right pocket, I took it and saw a watch, pretty new if I could say. The clock hand is pointing at 1 o’clock. And then, I put it away and searching another object but luck is not on my side. I found nothing else.

And my stomach is making a noise. “guess I should eat.” while searching for a cheap-looking restaurant. I don’t know why, but I don’t think $100 is so many. I guess it was my missing memories that told me that. When I found one, I go inside it and order the cheapest rice set. While I eat, I was wondering.. my memories aren’t completely gone, It just feels like it was just locked. The only thing I don’t remember is my past self, while I remember everything else, like how many days can I last with this amount, how to eat, and I don’t feel like I forgot about the job, like police, doctor, and a few more.

Then, I saw the waitress looking at me with an annoyed look, I think it was because I was taking too much time here. So I get up, and pay for my food at the cashier and immediately go out from that restaurant. When I open the door, I heard another waiter say “thank you”, it was just a mere formality. I go out without saying anything.

Outside, I was thinking about where should I go? I don’t know what I should do right now. I take out the watch in my right pocket and saw the clock hand is pointed at 2 o’clock. Guess what, I think I’ll take my time and looking for an answer of who I am I. I tried walking toward where my heart desired. And not long after that, I smell the scent of the ocean. I keep walking, and I could smell more of the ocean smell. “I was getting closer.” I thought.

Then I saw the ocean that I’m headed to. The scent of salt, the clear water, all the cloud, I feel like I could stare it forever. Then I sit at the sand while admiring the sea. I don’t know why, but I really feel a very nostalgic feeling. Like I could cry at any moment, but I couldn’t cry too. While seeing the ocean, and a melancholy feeling pop out. I feel a loneliness while never knew where it came out. While giving a bitter smile, I thought that it’ll be nice if I have some music. Without my consent, suddenly a tear rolling in my cheeks. I didn’t feel like wiping it off and let it keep rolling on and on. I don’t know why I felt like this.

While the tear keeps rolling on my cheeks, suddenly there’s a person behind me and patting my shoulder. Surprised, I wiped my tear and looking back. “What are you doing here?” he said. “Ah, nothing.” “Hmm??” “W-what is it?” “Are you a traveler?” “Huh? Why do you think like that?” “Hmm.. it was because I’ve never seen you before.” “I see.” “Well, yeah.. be careful.” “For?” “This beach is pretty nice right now. But there will be a storm coming. If I was you, I’m gonna search for a shelter.” he said that with a smile. “Ah, okay.”

With that, he goes away. Before he disappears, he’s waving his hand at me. And so I wave at him too. Hearing that there will be a storm, I get up, clean my pants from the sand and searching for a shelter. I wander aimlessly, and not long after that, it’s as the man said, the sky is getting darker and darker, the sun has been eaten by the cumulonimbus cloud and there’s just a little of light made it seems like it was almost the time for the moon to appear. Luckily, I found a family restaurant around there. I go inside, sat next to a window, and order a black coffee.

Around the time when my black coffee arrived, the rain started pouring. And not long after that, the wind blows and making the rain seem like dancing. I’m looking outside the window, my mind goes somewhere, I could hear the sound of rain, I could smell the coffee, but my mind just goes somewhere. I haven’t touched my coffee ever since it arrived.

At that time, I didn’t feel I was in a family restaurant. I didn’t hear any bustling sound anymore, the scent of coffee is gone, the sound of the waitress step is gone, it was like I was just alone in a room looking at the rain dancing with just a window between us. It was really beautiful… It feels like the time has stopped just for me watching the rain.

After a while, the rain stopping and there’s a ray of light illuminates me through the window. I came to my senses and see the coffee is already cold. I take a single sip and got up. Then I pay my coffee at the cashier, then I go out and smell a fresh post-rain air. I take a deep refreshing air and smiled.

I walk in this beautiful town with no destination in mind, and speak to myself with a smile on my face ‘I guess everything will be alright. One day, I’ll remember my memories. So, let me enjoy these views while waiting until that day comes’. And then I walk forward listening to where my heart wants to go. Life is full of choices, whether I choose to find my memories fast while I didn’t appreciate this beautiful scenery or I just take it easy and slowly enjoying this scenery while letting fate bring my memories back. It doesn’t matter since you didn’t live forever and there’s nothing to chase nor reach.

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